III. Competition – Látóképi-tározó

The Registration is open!

International Predator Classic Challenge

III. Competition – OPEN

International Predator Classic Challenge 2018-3rd OPEN leg

Venue: Látóképi-tározó

Date: 21st October 2018

Entry Deadline: October 19 2018

Open, entry paired boat lure fishing competition.

Entry and registration according to the Competition and Entering for the competition sections. The procedure of the competition is according to the IPCC General Rules.

Prized: the first three teams and the pair caught the biggest fish.

The first ten teams getting the highest results will qualify for the MASTERS LEAGUE and will be forwarded to the 2018 MASTERS final. For further information on the tournament and the MASTERS final is on www.ipcc.hu page.

A nevezési díj magába foglalja a reggelit illetve a díjátadó ebédet.

Prizes of the first leg:

 1st placed team– 300 000 HUF Crazy Fish-Wobblerek.com voucher

           2nd placed team – 150 000 HUF Crazy Fish-Wobblerek.com voucher

           3rd placed team –2 pcs CASIO SGW wrist watches – Fast Hungary Ltd.

           Longest fish – 100 000 HUF Dreamfish voucher


Competition Schedule:

06:30-07:30 meeting and registration, having breakfast

07:30-08:00 drawing, giving information

08:00-08:15 preparation for the competition

08:15-08:30 Occupying pegs according to the numbers drawn

08:45-15:15 official competition time (6 hours and 30 minutes)

15:45-16:45 having lunch

16:45 announcing the final results and prize giving ceremony

Training days:

Fishing from boats is forbidden according to the Látóképi tározó house rules.

The official Training day is 20th October (Saturday), this day the team entering into the competition can practice ont he lake by using a boat. Team can stay or fish at /on the lake from 7 am to 3 pm this day.

It is forbidden to stay of fish int he restricted area.

200 metres of the strech of Hortobágy of Látóképi tározó will be closed. Staying or fishing (even from boats) is forbidden.

From Saturday night the competitors’ boats will be looked after at the lake.

Boat or sporting day tickets are available at the fishing guards stall or at Dreamfish Tackle shop for 3000 HUF.

Fish finders are allowed to be used during training session and the competition as well.

Boats can be put on the water and dock after training ont he beach section of the lake which stretch is the base of the competition as well.

For further information in connection with the fishing rules, news and information about the reservoir can be found on www.latokepito.hu

Boats cannot be rented at the lake.

Fishing guards and information: +36204334460

The entry fee for the IPCC Látókép leg can be paid and sporting tickets for the day of the competition can be obtained at Dreamfish Tackle Shop (68 Block H Böszörményi Street Debrecen H-4032) Tel: +3652999111



The Látókép reservoire is situated in Hajdú-Bihar county, it is about 10 kmsfrom the city territory of Debrecen in the west, southward of  No. 33  headway.

According to the rules of the reservoire, entering is only permitted from the direction of No 33 headway, through the western entry gate. The pegs can be reached by car only if the entry gate is open.

GPS data: 47.561817, 21.453032




Black bass is counted during the competition but +500 extra points are not rewarded, only the 1 point per centimetre. (General Rules and Scoring during Legs)


Fort he whole Competition announcement and  more information visit www.ipcc.hu website.

The organizers reserve the right of change!



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