II. Competition – Tiszafüred

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International Predator Classic Challenge

II. Competition – OPEN

International Predator Classic Challenge  2018– 2nd OPEN leg

Venue: Tisza tó (Lake Tisza) Füredi Tailwater+River Tisza 432-434  kms

Időpont: 23rd September 2018

Nevezési határidő: 20 September 2018

Starting place and management: Tiszafüred – Városi Kikötő (Tiszafüred, Kis Tisza u. 1.)

Open, entry paired boat lure fishing competition.

Entry and registration according to the Competition and Entering for the competition sections. The procedure of the competition is according to the IPCC General Rules.

Prized: the first three teams and the pair caught the biggest fish.

The first ten teams getting the highest results during the three OPEN legs, will be forwarded to the 2018 MASTERS final. For further information on the tournament and the MASTERS final is on www.ipcc.hu  page.


Prizes of the first leg:

 1st placed team– 300 000 HUF Crazy Fish-Wobblerek.com voucher
 2nd placed team – 150 000 HUF Crazy Fish-Wobblerek.com voucher
 3rd placed team –2 pcs CASIO SGW wrist watches – Fast Hungary Ltd.

 Longest fish – 100 000 HUF spinning tackle by Tropic Fishing


Competition Schedule:

06:00 – 06:45 meeting and registration, having breakfast

06:45-07:15 drawing, giving information

07:15 – 07:30 handing over boats and preparation

07:30-07:45 Boating out according to the numbers drawn and preparation for the competition

08:00-15:00 official competition time (7 hours)

15:30-16:00 having lunch

16:30 – 17:00 announcing the final results and prize giving ceremony


IMPORTANT MODIFICATION in our Competition Rules

The 2nd leg of IPCC 2018 is an exceptionalround among spinning competitions. Besides the IPCC customized rewarding system which urge the fishermen to catch as many species as they can, The location of this leg makes this round excetional, too. The marvellous and fish-rich Lake Tisza encourages us to combine lake fishing with river spinningin the same round. That is why each team should decide where to fish during the same round, on the Füred tailwater, River Tisza or both of them.


General Competition Rules Amendment for Tiszafüred (VSZ 2018,2,0)

Fuel burning engines are allowed to be used concerning the rules os waterways. Team can decide where to fish, on stillwater, river or both of them. Each team fishing the river have to arrive at Füred tailwater, inside the water-gate by 14:45 latest. After arrival they can fish until 15:00 on the tailwater. Team arrive after 14:45 will be sanctioned by point deduction.

1-2 minutes-100 pts

3-5 minutes -500 pts

5-10 minutes -1500 pts

over 10 munites -3000 pts


Fish finders are allowed to be used during the practice and competition sections as well but keeping an eye ont he regulations of Lake Tisza. Boats will be examined before the competition requested by the competitors.

Boats must not be attached together either with another competition boat or other boats or water vehicles. (red card!)

Exception: weighing fish or in case of emergency situation. Competitors can not get any help from outsiders except for emergency situation such as accident. General Competition Rules 17.

The following species are ignored (not counted):  ide, chub, sabre carp, barbel, nose-carp, black bullhead and other herbivorous species which are not listed in Evaluation and scoring during legs section.



Fishing is allowed on the appointed water stretch. Bank fishing is prohibited except for emergency situation or allowed by marshals. (General Rules 9.)

The competition starts from the Town’s port on Füred tailwater (1 Kis Tisza Street Tiszafüred). The whole territory of Füred tailwater is considered official venue except the ports and canals.

the venue stretch is fom the 432kms (Canal No. 10) to 434 kms.

Leaving the venue is forbidden. (red card!)

Approaching the ports of Füred tailwater within 50 metres id forbidden. (yellow card)

Staying and/or fishing in the canals is forbidden. (red card!)

Staying in Canal No 10 is allowed but only for trespassing.

Stopping between the water-gate and River Tisza in CanalNo 10 is forbidden. (red card!)

Trespassing in Canal no10and ont he tailwater should be in a moderate way with causing any danger and at maximum speed of 5-10 kmph.


Training days

Spinning is allowed every day according to the rules of Lake Tisza. Boat fishing licence is available at the Town’s port (1 Kis Tisza Tiszafüred) Telephone: 0036/30/568-1945.Opening hours 05:30-18:00

Day tickets can be bought at the consignees of Tisza Tavi Sporthorgász Kft).


2800 HUF per day
4500 HUF  2-day ticket
6500 HUF 3-day ticket

Official training day is 22 September 2018. Competitors allowed to fish on the venue of competition between 07:00 and 15:00.

Port parking tickets are not needed before the days of competition for the registered competitors.

Using boatyard for the competitors is free of charge by the grant of Town’s port.

For further information  in connection with rules, description of the lake, news etc please visit www.tiszatohorgasz.gportal.hu , www.varosikikoto.hu or www.sporthorgasz.hu .




Fish finders can be used according to the rules of Lake Tisza during competition.

Boat rental:
Boats can be rented with engines in limited stock in the Town’s port.
Boat rental: 5,000 HUF each day (+ fuel)

Mobile telepone:+36 30 568 1945

E-mail: lakohajo@gmail.com


Viktória apartmanházak:
003630 2627552
Kis Tisza Street

Tóparti Vendégház
003630 310 2577
Kis Tisza Str

Potyka apartman
003630 838 0807
10 Aradi Vértanúk  Str

Családi és Horgászcamping
06 59 351 220
Ady E. Str

Berczi Péter vendégháza
003630 4815050
Mák Str

Szabó Zoltán vendégháza
003670 666 9994
Kis Tisza Str

Füzes Panzió
06 59 352 705
Ady E. Str

Tisza-lake information: www.sporthorgasz.eu

For more information and full Competition Rules please visit www.ipcc.hu website.

The organizers reserve the right of change!


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