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Grand Prize by Hírös Yacht

HY520 KINGFISHER fishing boat

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The Competition

What is IPCC?!

If you are tired of the middle range lure competitions, so this is the time to show to the wide public that you are one of the pros in each branch of lure fishing!

The regulation and rules of IPCC have been formed so that only those teams most versatile in catching every species of fish can prove their expertness.

It is a personalized challenge?! – believe it or not, it is!

The system of the scoring and evaluating catches will encourage the competitors to catch at least two from the same predatory species in order to overcome the opponents by the extra points given, so they will have the chance to get into the MASTERS LEAGUE.

In Europe the IPCC is unique and outrageous that can be considered as an introduction to the MASTERS and ELITE tournaments of the following year.

The IPCC is backed by the most famous fishing tackle manufacturers and brands as well as media partners.

The predatory fish livestock of the venues are meeting the highest standards.

It’s time to accept the invitation and have a good time in a highly prized fishing competition.

International Predator Classic Challenge

It’s a personalized challenge!

I. The Competition

  1. The official name of the competition: International Predator Classic Challenge („IPCC” in the following).
  2. The 2018 series of IPCC is organised by the Hungarian Lure Fishermen’s Association.
  3. The IPCC is a pair team lure fishing competition.
  4. For the First Round in the Szucsi Lake the maximum limit of the competitors is 30.
  5. The competiton will be held under the theory of„Catch and Release”.
  6. The IPCC series consists of four legs; three „OPEN” entry legs and one „MASTERS” final.
  7. The first ten teams getting the highest results during the the three OPEN legs, will be forwarded to the MASTERS final.
  8. The teams who get the highest results during each of the three OPEN legs could only take part in the MASTERS final.
  9. The competing pairs can take part in more than one OPEN legs depending on their own decision.
  10. Each of he OPEN legs are rewarded after each legs with the sponsors’ offerings by the manufacturers such as Crazy Fish, Favorite Fishing, Pontoon 21. (during these legs the first three teams and the fisherman who caught the biggest fish will be rewarded)
  11. The main prize of the IPCC MASTERS final is a HY520 KINGFISHER premium class competition fishing boat with upholstery and interior specially designed for lure fishing by Hírös Yacht. Its value is 1 000 000 HUF.
  12. The winners will receive a Lowrance Elite 7TI GPS/fish finder from the Maritime Kft.
  13. More prizes of the IPCC MASTERS as follows: coming soon.
  14. IPCC’s media partner is The Fishing & Hunting ChanneL,shooting films about each of the legs, comprising the final as well.
  15. The Organizers should not liable for accepting all entries and giving reasons.
  16. The Organisers reserve the right of any change!

II. Venues

I. Venues

Deseda-tó – 2018.09.02. – Registration OPEN!


II. Venues

Tiszafüred 2018.09.23. – Registration OPEN!


III. Venues

Látóképi víztározó 2018.10.21. – Registration OPEN!



Maconka – 2018.11.11. –  MASTERS


III. Entering for the competition

  1. Entries for the competition are accepted in written form on the website ipcc.hu and in the Wobblerek.com Shop (1158 Budapest Késmárk street 32.) also you can pay the entry fee.
  2. Anybody can enter for the competition who is over 18 years old and owns a valid National Fishing License.
  3. Fishermen and teams from abroad can also take part in the competitions who possess a fishing license valid for their own country.
  4. Pairs can enter for the competition only, one team consists of two members.
  5. There are no any restrictions or regulations of forming teams, regardless of sex, age or even nationality.
  6. The entries can be regarded valid if the pairs filled in the registration form according to the rules and their entry fee is transferred or paid for the organizers.
  7. The number of participating teams is restricted on each venue. The order of the entering teams are established by the arrival time of the valid entries.
  8. Foreign competitors should take their own nation flag with them.
  9. Regarding the spirit and the regulations, only those fishermen can participate in who has had blamelesss previous fishing life whose name has not ever been turned up in connection with any ethical misdemeanor or guilt concerning fish and fishing. Competitors must sign a probity declaration in the time of enetering into the competition.
  10. The Organizer enforces the Regulation system all the time created by its own.
  11. The official language of the competition is Hungarian. The Competition Regulations (CR in the following) are translated into two languages, Hungarian and English. In the event of any dispute arising from or in connection with the interpretation of these Rules, only the Hungarian version shall be considered as the original and reference text. If any differences might occur between the enclosures and the CR, the CR should be considered authoritative. The Organizer will publish the accidental alterations and amendments within 1 day after it has been accepted in accordance with the present CR. It should be regarded as alterations if the text is modified in content recorded in the version 1.0, supplements, new information is added to the CR.
  12. The registration form must be signed by each competitor.
  13. During the registration procedure the competitors confess that they get to know the CR, accept it and at the same time they proclaim that they are subjected to the decisions of the equitable Jury. The declaration of accepting the General Competition Rules is the No 1. Appendix.
  14. The total entry fee for each leg is 30,000 HUF (100 EUR) which comprises the registration of 5,000 HUF.
  15. The price of the day tickets for the leg, breakfast and lunch for the whole team are included in the fee
  16. The entering competitors should accept the entry conditions and declarations.

IV. General Competition Rules

  1. All of the competitors take part in the competition for their own responsibility. The Organizer does not take the responsibility of the accidents or damages happened.
  2. Only the two competitors can be in a fishing boat.
  3. The boats must be equipped with the obligatory accessories stated in laws. All competitors must keep the national or local rules of driving boats on the water
  4. The number of the team should be placed on the boat or the clothes of one of the competitors that way it can be clearly seen.
  5. Any irregularity occurs, the team staying the closest to the team in trouble must help who are in need.
  6. Using electric drive is allowed but fuel powered engines are prohibited.
  7. The use of GPS, echo sounder and sonar are allowed in accordance with the local regulations.
  8. The use of landing nets is compulsory to land fish on board. Landing fish on board by hand or lift fish by the fishing rod, using gaffs and lip grips are forbidden.
  9. Fishing can be done within the marked venue only. Bank fishing is forbidden! Stepping on the bank while fishing is not allowed except for emergency cases or being called by the Jury.
  10. During the competition boat fishing is allowed only. While fishing the minimum distance among boats should be at least 50 metres. A szabályt akkor is be kell tartatni, ha a kisebb távolság a csapatok tudtával és beleegyezésével jött létre. The regulations can be ignored when the teams get closer than 50 metres while they are not anchored but navigating towards a new fishing spot.
  11. Boats should be anchored by weights while fishing.
  12. At start, teams leave and take their place their first position according to their starting numbers to the venue. For the first taking place the advantage is for the team bearing lower number.
  13. The numbers are handed after draw.
  14. Every team can choose his own fishing spot which can be freely changed any times in the venue during the fishing hours.
  15. Any types of factory or home-made lures can be used (except the classic fly or streamer). It is forbidden to fish with dead bait (spinning with dead bait rig). The hooks of the wobblers, spinners and spoons can be dressed. Fishing with single flies streamers including the asp fly rig is forbidden. Moreover using any type of loose bait or ground bait must not be used.
  16. The competitors can take all of their fishing tackle in the boat but fishing is allowed one time with only a single rod in the hand. It is strictly forbidden to move the lure by the current while rod is put down or trolling the lure while navigation. The maximum length of the rod used is 270 centimetres (9 feet= 9’).
  17. Competitors should not receive any outside help except in case of emergency such as accidents.
  18. The hooked fish should be played and landed in one place if possible, except if it is impossible due to the size of the fish or while fishing from a towing boat in rivers. In this case the fish can be played from a moving boat but while the one is playing the other one should not fish.
  19. During the competition the venue must not be left except if the Juries permitted it, or under the supervision of the Juries, just in case. While Juries escort the competitors from or to the venue fishing is forbidden during this period of time.
  20. If a team cannot continue fishing the competition, their catches till leaving the venue will be measured and they are in the competition.
  21. During the competition competitors must keep fish caught alive without any harm until being weighed. Using carp sacks is compulsory. Using mouth links or cords are not allowed.
  22. All caught will be released into the venue after weighing.
  23. Fishes die during the competition should be handed over to the Jury by the competitors.
  24. Only the hook caught (in the mouth only) predatory species are considered as catch.
  25. Before weighing all fish should be shown to the Jury. Fish died by mishandling by the fishermen cannot be considered as catch. The undersized fishes are counted only if the size limit is suspended during the competition. This should be announced in the Competition General at the latest.
  26. All fishes caught during the official time of the competition and fishes hooked within the time limit but landed on board out of time are also considered and measured.
  27. Fishes shown within the official weighing time can be considered only. Official weighing time comprises the length of the competition plus 30 minutes.
  28. The weighing slip should be signed by one member of each team, by this procedure they accept the catches and verify the results. After measuring the Jury cannot accept any complaints regarding counted pieces and length of the fish.
  29. The fact of catching a fish should be announced immediately towards the Jury. Using a sight vest is compulsory in this case.
  30. In case of tie points the team caught more pieces of fish should be ranked first. In case of tie in the number of fish caught, the longest fish ranks the team first.
  31. The team qualified for the IPCC MASTERS has no chance to change team mate.
  32. The length of the legs during the OPENs is 6 hours.
  33. If the competition or leg is interrupted by any case the leg shall be validated if it lasted at least 3 hours. In case of less fishing time than 3 hours the leg should be held again.
  34. The Organizers considers highly despicable behaviour and disqualify the team if it pollute the water or environment, make damage by their own negligence, endanger other teams or do not do their best to save fishes.
  35. The heavily drunk competitor and/or team is disqualified from the competition and sent from the venue immediately.
  36. All the rules should be kept by all of the competitors.
  37. The entry-fee of the competition must be transferred to the bank account of the Hungarian Lure Fishermen’s Association. The entry of the teams can be considered after successful transfer and received payment. The account is maintained by Polgári Bank and the No. of the Hungarian Lure Fishermen’s Association is 61200412-10052792