I. Venue

Deseda-lake – 2018.09.02. – Registration OPEN

II. Venue

Tiszafüred – 2018.09.23. – Registration OPEN

III. Venue

Látóképi-tározó – 2018.10.23.


Maconka – 2018.11.11. – MASTERS 2018

Entering for the competition

  1. Entries for the competition are accepted in written form on the website ipcc.hu (info@ipcc.hu), and in the Wobblerek.com Shop (1158 Budapest Késmárk street 32.) also you can pay the entry fee.
  2. Anybody can enter for the competition who is over 18 years old and owns a valid National Fishing License.
  3. Fishermen and teams from abroad can also take part in the competitions who possess a fishing license valid for their own country.
  4. Pairs can enter for the competition only, one team consists of two members.
  5. There are no any restrictions or regulations of forming teams, regardless of sex, age or even nationality.
  6. The entries can be regarded valid if the pairs filled in the registration form according to the rules and their entry fee is transferred or paid for the organizers.
  7. The number of participating teams is restricted on each venue. The order of the entering teams are established by the arrival time of the valid entries.
  8. Foreign competitors should take their own nation flag with them.
  9. Regarding the spirit and the regulations, only those fishermen can participate in who has had blamelesss previous fishing life whose name has not ever been turned up in connection with any ethical misdemeanor or guilt concerning fish and fishing. Competitors must sign a probity declaration in the time of enetering into the competition.
  10. The Organizer enforces the Regulation system all the time created by its own.
  11. The official language of the competition is Hungarian. The Competition Regulations (CR in the following) are translated into two languages, Hungarian and English. In the event of any dispute arising from or in connection with the interpretation of these Rules, only the Hungarian version shall be considered as the original and reference text. If any differences might occur between the enclosures and the CR, the CR should be considered authoritative. The Organizer will publish the accidental alterations and amendments within 1 day after it has been accepted in accordance with the present CR. It should be regarded as alterations if the text is modified in content recorded in the version 1.0, supplements, new information is added to the CR
  12. The registration form must be signed by each competitor.
  13. During the registration procedure the competitors confess that they get to know the CR, accept it and at the same time they proclaim that they are subjected to the decisions of the equitable Jury. The declaration of accepting the General Competition Rules is the No 1. Appendix
  14. The total entry fee for each leg is 30,000 HUF (100 EUR) which comprises the registration of 5,000 HUF.
  15. The price of the day tickets for the leg, breakfast and lunch for the whole team are included in the fee
  16. The entering competitors should accept the entry conditions and declarations.